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At Animal Planet Pet Resort, We’ve developed the ultimate pet boarding experience. Our resort are staffed by passionate pet professionals who provide your furry friend with a safe, clean and fun experience so you can have a peace of mind while you’re away.


A/C-All runs are air conditioned on the inside for those days it’s just too hot to go outside.

HEAT-We have radiant heaters mounted over.

DOG RUNS – All of our indoor/outdoor runs are 8X6 feet long inside but vary in size to accommodate all different sizes and numbers of dogs. The runs are completely covered on the outside to protect from the elements but allowing limited sunlight in during certain times of the day.

SAFETY– Pet Resorts is equipped with smoke and fire detectors, carbon-monoxide detectors and security cameras inside and out.

THE INDOOR/OUTDOOR ADVANTAGE- Pets can go in and out whenever they please, so they don’t have to wait to be walked. Even though we walk all of our pets twice a day out on the grass, they enjoy the freedom that the indoor/outdoor run affords. Most dogs like to run in and out all day just to see what’s going on allowing them some exercise running back and forth in the 8-foot long dog run inside. Sometimes during winter though, it’s nice to just lay outside in the sun or shade to take a nap.