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What makes Animal Planet in UAE so unique?

We’re not a big box chain store – animal planet in uae is a small, independent, local business dedicated to providing personal service for pets and pet owners. We’re always happy to answer questions about animals and animal care and to direct you to other places where you can find more help!

We specialize in home bred pets, hand-raised birds, friendly small mammals, reptiles, and, and we work with rescues to help find homes for cats, dogs and more.

While other stores may sell animals, at animal planet pet store we sell pets!

We offer quality pet supplies and special orders, natural and holistic foods for dogs, cats and more, live feeders, and services including, nail and wing clipping, small animal pet-sitting, and in-store birthday parties – all at affordable prices.

Think that a small, independent pet store can’t possibly provide competitive prices, think again!

Visit Animal Planet today and experience for yourself what makes us so unique!